The Machine Learning visualizer you've been waiting for
Understand, fine tune, and improve the inference performance of your models before deploying them to production
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A Resnet model graph visualized on our dashboard.

Dig into all properties of each model operator

Just drag and drop a machine learning model to upload and visualize it.
Say goodbye to one-off Python scripts to parse an ONNX protobuf then printing them to console.

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A Resnet model graph visualized on our dashboard.

Download data for offline validation and experimentations

Your deep learning optimization workflows are about to get a lot easier.
Want to download specific initializer values? We've got you covered!
More AI accelerator toolchain integrations coming soon.

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A BatchNormalization op's initializer modal as seen in our dashboard.
We believe that...
Deploying performant machine learning models shouldn't be hard or take months of engineering effort.
Leave that to us.

Organization Mode, done right

Invite team members to Cellulose.
Bounce off ideas and leave suggestions on model candidates right within the dashboard.

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Integrations with all the developer productivity tools you love

CI/CD for your machine learning development workflows
GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, Linear....all these integrations coming soon to Cellulose!

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Cellulose dashboard settings menu
Want to optimize your machine learning models and also shave weeks of debugging pain?
Spend more time building new model features than worrying if they'd run within your production system performance parameters.
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